Tips & Hints: 3 Ways To Survive End Of Year Deadlines

End of year deadlines come flying from all directions. From tradeshows, conference, seasonal sales to personal holiday plans, it's easy to get overwhelmed and face burnout.

The staff at GIGABYTE Notebooks asked some of our creative professional friends how they handle the end of year rush and we boiled down their suggestions to these three awesome productivity hacks.

1. Morning Routine: Over half the pros we interviewed swear by having a morning routine. Whether it's waking up a half an hour early to get ready in your own sweet time, or having a full out gym workout, the pros that handle massive amounts of work with ease, have a way to start their day out on a positive note.

2. Organize Your Day First Thing: High performance coach for women and owner of Fierce Femme Wines, Heather Picken advises, "Don't just dive into your to do list first thing in the morning. When you get to your desk, insist on taking ten minutes to set your priorities for the day." Picken says if you just pick three tasks that absolutely have to be done that day you're more likely to have things line up with more ease.

3. Take Breaks: It might seem counter intuitive when you have a million things to do, and you might feel like you have to keep your nose to the grind stone. The problem with grinding through your list with no breaks is that you're going to head for burnout. Chocolatier and owner of Honeylove Chocolates in Olympia, WA, Kirsten Sogge handles the holiday rush by making sure she takes frequent breaks even when the orders flood her inbox. "What works best for me is making sure I get outside, take a walk or even take a twenty minute power nap. If I just keep my nose to the grindstone it's easy to forget how much I love what I do. Taking breaks helps me stay in love with what I do and I get twice as much accomplished."

How do you keep up with your creative work deadlines? Let us know in the comments.

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