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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Checking out the cool ray tracing on the AERO 15 Classic

As the world gets quiet and we're in our homes it's easy to get bored. However, experts suggest now is the perfect time to do and learn all of those things you've been meaning to learn. We're lucky to live in a time with access to the internet, that means there's online classes, tutorials, games, and the ability to meet up with friends and colleagues through video conferencing. So, why not take time to learn some new skills?

The team at GIGABYTE Notebooks US did some digging and found a variety of fun free tools to help you learn new skills and finally do those things you've been meaning to learn how to do for ages. What better time than now to turn down time into fun time?

Adventure Game Studio

If you've wanting to learn how to make your own games, why not start now. This website has all you need to learn how to create your own games for free. With community forums to access and tutorials, it's a great place to start.

Animaker 2D Animation

Learn to make animated videos. This freeware has a ton of characters and scenes, have great reviews and if making your own cartoons isn't a way to pass the time, what is?


Make cool 3D models, animate them and realize your creative vision with this free tool. The RTX Studio drivers on AERO Series Studio laptops will help accelerate your work super fast. This program is 100% free to use and share with a huge community to help you get through your learning curve. Pros like AERO Ambassador, Anthony Jones, use Blender on the AERO 15 XA.

Boats Animator

No commute? Always wanted to make stop motion videos? Here's your chance! Boats Animator is free stop motion software. (Goes off to find those Legos in the closet...)

And right now if you take advantage of the GIGABYTE Notebooks Spring Sale you could get a 3 months subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud FREE with purchase of RTX Studio laptops. That's a $286 savings.

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