The AERO Series is Undeniable at CES 2020

The GIGABYTE Notebook team joined our Global team mates at CES 2020 in Las Vegas last week. On the show floor we celebrated Creative Professionals in our Studio Section at the GIGABYTE booth.

We ran into some fans and made new ones, we can tell you all about it, but why not show you. Here's the reactions both fans and creative pros had at CES 2020.

Ben Kaiser and Lloyd Wilkenson are both content creators with a passion for great equipment. Ben is owner of Kaiser Media Group, as an experienced graphic designer, videographer and YouTuber, Ben has some strong opinions when it comes to getting the right gear to get the workflow moving. Watch the video to find out more.

More than one fan stopped at the booth to rave about their AERO series laptops, we caught up with Andrew a computer science major at University of California to hear what he thinks of his AERO Classic.

Stay tuned for more CES Highlights this week here on the Notebook Blog, powered by GIGABYTE.

Are you looking to refresh your system in 2020? Grab your AERO Series laptop at the GIGABYTE US Store by clicking here.

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