Tech Talk: What is an SSD and Why You Want One

Updated: May 8, 2020

When looking to invest in new laptop it's important to investigate the specs and get the best possible laptop in your budget range so you can make the most out of it's use. GIGABYTE Notebooks offers each model in a range of specs to help creators and gamers get the best value.

While other laptop makers will use inferior products to lower costs, GIGABYTE focuses on using the best components available and ensures performance by calibrating every single unit so it runs as fast, smooth and effectively as possible at the top of every component's game. This means you get the most use out of your laptop for the longest amount of time, whereas if you shop bargain laptops trying to shave your budget, you'll end up frustrated with slow lack luster performance and frankly end up spending more money because those bargain laptops (or cheaper so called high performance gaming laptops) are going to be out of date or break much more quickly.


When purchasing a new computer it's important to under the various acronyms, SSD means Solid State Drive.

You probably have noticed that SSD's are beginning to take over from traditional hard drives. In the graphic below you'll see the comparison on performance. A Solid State Drive uses semi-conductors and is much better in terms of speed, energy use and helps laptops live longer through the lack of heat produced. GIGABYTE uses SSD in all of the new high-performance laptop models because we believe in no compromise computing.

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