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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Let's face it, everyone uses tech, but not everyone understands it. So, when the sales person at the store starts rattling off the "specs" it can just sound like gibberish. That's why GIGABYTE Notebooks is dedicated to translating tech talk to make it easy for you to understand, so you can choose exactly the right model for your needs.

Every user has different tech needs, some people need a lot of power to crunch data sets, other people just check emails and read the news, some people game competitively and other people play solitaire. Depending on your personal and professional needs there's a huge range of options. Let's talk displays for a minute.

Recently PC Magazine did an Instagram post about OLED screens being super popular in 2019 and showed an AERO15

OLED as an example.

Should you get an AERO 15 OLED just because it's popular?

Or are there even better reasons to get a laptop with an OLED display panel? Let's go through it.

What's an OLED Display Panel?

OLED displays are organic LED panels which offer crystal clear (almost better than real life) visual displays. OLED displays give you true blacks, extreme detail resolution, and offer the brightest display. The difference between viewing images on a traditional monitor (even an HDR) and an OLED is like watching 35 mm film compared to 4K UHD film.

If you use your smart phone for photography or sketching you probably have an OLED display on the smart phone and notice how much sharper and rich the images are on your phone compared to the old TVs or computer monitors.

Concept by AERO Art Ambassador Anthony Jones

Who needs an OLED display?

If you only check emails and read the news, you don't need an OLED. However if you are a photographer, film maker, digital artist, graphic designer, interior designer, architect or in another profession that relies heavily on graphics software you will you definitely benefit from having an OLED display.

The depth of field is richer on an OLED panel, the colors are more vivid and the visual experience is unmatched. For showing clients models, concepts and pitch decks, using an OLED panel will show case your work like no other screen.

Concept Art by Anthony Jones

Art Ambassador Anthony Jones, enjoys using the AERO 15 OLED to display his concept art especially as he does a lot of grayscale work. The blacks are true offering the best possible view as one works in scales and tones.

What about Burn In?

There have been reports of images being "burned" into the screens of some OLED displays (like TVs). This unfortunately is caused by leaving an image static for too long on the screen. So, let's say you pause your Netflix movie, don't turn off the device and go to work. After 10 hours there may be a ghost image burned on to the screen.

It takes extreme use to make burn in an issue, so as long as you let your monitor rest when not in use, you'll get the best out of the experience. Though just incase you find yourself with burn in, know that it's covered under the normal warranty terms.

GIGABYTE Notebooks has addressed this for users in several ways. First, you always have control over your settings through the GIGABYTE Control Center. This is a user panel that makes things super easy to control how you use everything from battery power to graphics and CPU to how bright your OLED display is, plus you don't have to be a computer nerd to be able to use it. All you do is look for this ICON (see graphic) and click to open the panel

Just Click On and Find the Settings You Need To Adjust

Which OLED Model is Best?

The AERO 15 OLED comes in a variety of "specs" to meet the needs of different users. Here's a quick guide to help you decide which model is best for you.

Bloggers, Business Consultants/Coaches, Graphic Designers


The AERO 15s OLED SA is an ultra-light ultra portable laptop perfect for professionals on the go. If you give a lot of client demos, presentations, design websites or do graphic design this model is the perfect amount of power, speed and comes with a beautiful crystal clear 15.6" OLED Panel Display.

The ultra-thin bezels give you more work space than any other 15" laptop on the market so you get a full 15.5" to work and play with.

Click the link for specs here

Digital Artists, Architects, Interior Designers, and Fashion Designers

Photo Credit Devin Zuba


Make your concepts, proposals, and art pop with the powerful combo of an OLED display panel paired with the power of real time ray tracing offered by Nvidia GeForce GTX Studio GPU. Nothing gives your work more clarity, depth and realistic "can almost touch it" feels than having the powerful graphics which offer realistic light patterns and shadows which mirror real life. You stand above the rest of the crowd when you have a laptop which displays your masterpieces beyond your expectations.

Take your pick of Silver or Black in the AERO 15 OLED with Nvidia RTX Studio 2070 GPU

Click for Silver

Click for Black

Film Editors, 3D Modelers, Intense Multi-taskers

Photo Credit Devin Zuba


Let's face it, some pros need more power, more precision, and more speed. For ultra-light, ultra-performance the AERO 15 OLED YA gives film editors, VFX artists, 3D Modelers a rich experience.

If your workflow includes using programs like Maya and Arnold, plus Unreal Engine, and Photoshop or After Effects, if you use Blender or need to render things in real time lightening fast, if you're sick of setting proxies and waiting all day to render 4K files, here's your machine. Imagine all the power of the faster and most powerful GeForce RTX Studio GPU by Nvidia, with the speed of Intel's I9 Core CPU with the stunning visual display offered by the AMOLED screen. It's magical to watch scenes render in real time.

To find out more about the AERO 15 OLED YA Click Here

Got more questions about OLED display panels? Ask in the comments below!

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