Tech Talk: How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last

Working from home, means more of us are going to use our laptops longer. Some of you have contacted us at GIGABYTE Notebooks asking about how to keep your battery healthy.

While some laptop manufacturers leave it up to you to find all of the settings hidden away, GIGABYTE Notebooks makes it easy to take control of your laptop performance, including your battery health.

It's true you want the charge to set to be between 60-80% while plugged in for peak performance.

The manufacturers setting is 60%, you can find this by going into the GIGABYTE Control Center by double clicking the icon on your desktop.

Double Click The Control Center Icon (on your display)

Click The Manager Tab

Click The Battery Icon

Charging Policy

The charging policy on standard is set on 60, which is 60%, it is unadvised to change the setting to go above 80 (%).

Battery Settings

On the bottom of the screen you will see the five battery icons, choose the one to meet your needs. You can customize your battery settings by clicking the icon the furthest on the right. However, keep in mind that with the Microsoft Azure AI software running power resources will be automatically allocated to your individual use of your computer once the deep learning software registers what kind of power use from your individual workflow.

Got questions about keeping your battery healthy? Ask in the comments below.