The GIGABYTE Control Center helps you manage and maintain your high-performance laptop with ease.

One of the first things tech savvy people do after they unbox their brand new laptop is to remove "bloatware". Many manufacturers have deals with different software companies and add on a lot of unnecessary software, GIGABYTE Notebooks does not do that to our end users. The GIGABYTE Control Center is an amazing utility that helps users manage their system with ease.

Here's what you can do with the GIGABYTE Control Center:

1. Manage & Monitor Battery Settings

Managing the battery and power settings to maintain optimal battery health is easy with the GIGABYTE control center. Click on the battery icon and choose your preferred settings, when it's set to Auto, it uses the recommended manufacturer settings. You can also set the charging level, it's automatically set to 60%, but if you prefer 80% you will can change that easily by clicking on the charging policy. Remember! If you want to keep your battery healthy, keeping the charging policy between 60-80%.

2. Enable Dual Monitors

Set up your dual monitors with the settings that work best for you. Just click on the monitor switch and you can customize your viewing experience, or enable a wireless monitor with ease.

3. Customize the RGB Keyboard

The fusion keyboard is easily customized to show up how you like lights or no lights. Just click on the Fusion tab and either choose one of the presets (we like the wave) or even toggle it off. You can even set your macros up and color code them, how cool is that?

4. Customize Your Fan Speed

Click on device settings and you're in control of your fans. You can use gaming or professional mode depending on your needs or just leave it on the factory setting and the Azure AI will take care of the rest.

5. Update Your Drivers

No more having to go into the operating system settings to try to find where those pesky drivers are that need updates. Just click on the Smart Utilities tab and you can update or reset your drivers. It's just that easy.

The GIGABYTE Control Center helps you stay in control of your system making it easy peasy to get the most out of your high-performance laptop.

Both the AERO and AORUS series come with the GIGABYTE Control Center, you can find it with ease on the desktop, just click the icon and you're in control!

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