Tactical (Soft) Skills Matter

February 20, 2020 the GIGABYTE Notebooks team headed to University of Texas at Austin's Art and Entertainment Technology Department to present the professional development workshop: Portfolio Prep 101: How to Get Noticed BEFORE You Graduate.

Here's the deal, you can have the best equipment, software and be the best at what you do (regardless of your discipline) but if you don't know how to leverage yourself out in the world, you'll always struggle. That's why GIGABYTE Notebooks has created a professional development series to help students discover the essential tactical skills so they can shine beyond their portfolio and demo reels.

In the workshop series created by GIGABYTE Notebooks USA, there are three primary skills that lead to success:

1. Networking - So often people laser focus on their technical knowledge and skills, but don't make time to network. Just like your computer needs to be connected in order to get the biggest benefit out of the internet and the opportunities out in the world, you also need to be connected to the people in your profession or area of interest. Artists, game developers and filmmakers need to make use of ArtStation and other platforms that not only allow you to showcase your own work, but connect to industry professionals and peers.

Artwork by Anthony Jones, AERO Art Ambassador created on the AERO 15 OLED XA

To drive the point of connection home, the GIGABYTE Notebooks USA team used artist, mentor, and educator Anthony Jones as an example. Anthony is highly interactive on ArtStation, YouTube and Instagram.

2. Listening - Listening when done correctly is a superpower that keeps on giving. In the workshop, the team helped students understand the fine art of "listening" online, observing before commenting, and how to listen for more than words when in a gathering of people. (Many of the students came up for more info on this after the talk, because it's just so powerful.)

3. Authentic Communication - Understanding what authenticity