Start 2020 Strong With This Simple Strategy

2020 is here and you're telling yourself this is it, new year, new me. This is the year you're going to get your passion project up and going, land that dream gig or finally get clients who actually pay you (and on time.)

You've set your goals and made your resolutions. No more hitting the snooze button, this year is going to be different. Already jaded and thinking, "Sh'yah, right!"? Well, let's toss out the "new year, new you" garbage, and help you out with some tips to actually meet your objectives in 2020.

Set One Priority For The Day

Yes, you have a million to dos to reach your goals. But, when you think about them all at once you're going to go into a tail spin. Productivity experts suggest in order to meet goals and reach benchmarks the best method is to learn how to pick one thing per day to teach yourself how to start and finish a project.

When you pick one thing as a priority you will focus and actually work smarter and faster. Nothing is worse that having a bunch of files open that all remain unfinished. Just work on one, then move to the next. You'll find yourself becoming a productivity machine.

Laurie Rivers is the Marketing Strategist for GIGABYTE Notebooks, she's also a certified professional coach and has been teaching creative minds how to be super effective for more than a decade.

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