Pro Spotlight: Devin Zuba - Pro Photographer

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

So, how do the pros use AERO series laptops to enhance their performance and speed up workflow? We decided to interview creative pros and ask them to share their experiences using AERO series laptops. This week we're interviewing Devin Zuba, commercial videographer and photographer about his love of photography and his experience with the AERO15 OLED.

As Devin says it all started when he picked up a camera as a kid. If you're a shutterbug you know the story, the delight of capturing moments with your camera lens and sharing those moments with friends, family and clients. Devin creates memories and messaging for clients through cinematics and photography. Enjoy the Q&A session with Devin Zuba below.

Q: So tell us about your work?

A: My work reflects the way I tend to see the world through my eyes. It's sometimes dark and moody, and there's a beauty to that. With a unique story for each of us I like to shine a light on the things I see. I use all Adobe software to keep my workflow unified and simple with all parts working together. All my work is focused on details, colors, textures, moods and using the gear that I do (sony a7iii, Zcam e2, gigabyte Aero15 x9, Adobe software suite) make it easier for me to capture the whole world through my eyes.

Q: What's your workflow like?

A: My workflow begins with me packing my camera bag and going out to capture my content. Once I've completed that task I then come back to the studio and offload all my footage to my backup raid and cloud service for that sweet extra redundancy. Next, it's as simple as plugging in my headphones turning on my RGB keyboard on my Gigabyte Aero AERO 15 OLED XA-7US5130SP for the creative vibes, and launching my Adobe software of choice and occasionally a tab or two for Spotify to jam to so I can start creating my work.

Q: How have you streamlined your creative process?

A: All in all, Gear. Having the best gear has really helped me become more efficient to produce quality content and has allowed me to focus on my creative process.

Q: What's the most important feature in a computer to achieve your goals?

A: The most important feature for me in a computer is....... ugh I can't name just one, ha! I need processing power , a boatload of ram and a massive amount of SSD storage capacity to help me be efficient while I edit smoothly. And let's not forget that sweet 4k screen for color accuracy and it's all included in my Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED and best of all its portable!!

Devin grabbed some great shots of his AERO 15 OLED and shared them with the GIGABYTE Notebooks USA team. We're excited to see Devin's work get out into the world! Want to know more about the AERO15 OLED laptops? You can check them out in the GIGABYTE USA Store by clicking here: Discover More...

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