PAX East 2020 Round Up (and contest winners)

Pax East 2020 was a blast! As always so much game time, so much CosPlay, so much geeky goodness and the GIGABYTE Notebooks USA Team was on the ground to help the geeky goodness go to the next level.

Gamers of all ages hit the booth and put the AORUS and AERO series laptops through their paces. There was some serious gaming action, people were kickin' butt and taking names and pushing the ultra-performance laptops to their limits...or did they? Do these babies have limits? We haven't found them yet, our top spec'd models are the key to victory, nothing can out pace them.

Don't believe us, check out this round up video with real user feedback.

And now for what you really want to know... the winners of the sour grape contest...

We chose 3 of the best comments in regards to the AORUS 17 to each receive a highly snazzy fashionable AORUS cap. And the winners are...

So hey guys, send us a message with your shipping address and phone number and we'll get those hats off to you asap.

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more awesome PC gaming shenanigans here on The Notebook.

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