OMRON Keyboard Gets Rave Reviews

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Hey gamers, we heard you. You miss having a high-performance gaming laptop, but miss the sound and feel of a mechanical keyboard. Here's the deal, you don't just want a mechanical keyboard for your high-performance beast, you need the best, that's why GIGABYTE Notebooks went for the Omron keyboard.

Made in Japan, the Omcron mechanical keyboard gives you that real touch when you're button mashing macros, is super cool with the fully lit keys and though it's recessed into the chassis (cause duh, you have to close the laptop), you get the full effect of the mechanical action you crave playing your favorite games.

As you know, we don't like to just talk about it ourselves, that's why we asked experts to share their thoughts. Here's what Kannon Yamada of Make Use Of had to say -

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