Making Movies On A Laptop: Carmina, The Movie

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

It started in a script writing class: three filmmakers coming together over a story that inspired their creative vision. Busy with real life family, studio work, modeling gigs, and jobs; they didn't realize that those meetings over coffee would turn into a full production short film featuring international talent, including Geneva Cruz, international award winning-singer and actress, and GIGABYTE Notebooks joining as an Executive Producer and Technical Sponsor.

The story behind the making of Carmina is as compelling as the story Carmina tells on screen, and it's one the cast and crew love to share. Chance meetings in strange places, mentors showing up just in time, world class talent dropping in to add just that much more to the project. The experience took on all the stuff of which Hollywood legends are made.

AERO Brand Ambassador, Mark A.J. Nazal wears a multitude of hats on this project (as does everyone else), ranging from writer, to visual effects supervisor, to director. The Emmy winning visual effects artist/supervisor, brought more than his talent for creating visual magic on screen to the project, he brought his discipline, drive and determination to create an independent film that stood on it's own two feet. And from reviewing the dailies, we can testify you'd think it was done by a big studio, from the talented performances to the raw footage, Carmina is a visual wonderland.

Watch the video below to hear what Mark has to say about using the AERO 17 HDR as part of the making of Carmina .

What started with a team of three, (Mark AJ Nazal, Erica Juliet, Director of Photography, Danilo Hernandez) quickly grew with Executive Producer, Joe Arciaga joining and within months blossomed into a full production team for the grand finale and final shoot of Carmina. Grips, sound, make-up, assistant directors, cameras and lights, and behind the scenes coverage, and the ultra-performance laptop helping to speed up post production to keep the project on budget, on time and looking like it was done in studio, not in the free time of busy studio pros.

Carmina is a gripping story of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, facing a life of repression and abuse, Carmina (played by Erica Juliet) has no idea the raw power she possesses. The paranormal thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat, and post production has just begun. The set was intense, the actors raw, their performances gritty and powerful.

I asked Erica on set why the story was so important to her, after all she was standing in a light white t-shirt painted with blood in 40 degree weather, take after take. What made it worth it?

Erica's response said it all, "So many women face domestic violence, from physical abuse to emotional, psychological and financial. I wanted to honor the bravery of women who choose to leave, because sometimes it's as scary to know how powerful you are as it is to face the abuse. I want women to know they are powerful and that it's okay, even if it's terrifying when you first discover your voice and ability to stand on your own."

Carmina, premieres in 2020, we'll be covering the progress of the project here on The Notebook blog. Be sure to subscribe for updates for the latest sneak peeks, interviews, and news.

GIGABYTE Notebooks is proud to be the technical sponsor and one of the executive producers.

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