Life In The Gig Economy: 3 Success Tips You Can't Ignore

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Photo Credit: Devin Zuba

According to the Freelancers Union, 56.7 million American's freelanced in 2019. The gig economy just keeps growing, and beyond the gig economy with tech advancing rapidly many companies are moving to full remote workforces. So, unlike at the office where you can pop into the bosses office for a quick chat or run into someone in the lunchroom to engage, as a freelancer or remote worker, you need to employ new strategies to stay on the path to success.

Marketing isn't just for products and businesses, it's important to remember that everyone is marketing themselves all of the time. You need to build and maintain your personal brand in order to stay top of mind. Sally Hogshead writes about this in her book, "How the World Sees You". Knowing how to stay top of mind (in a positive way) and stand out against a crowded field is essential to success. Sally writes in her book, "To become more successful, you do not have to change who you are—you have to become more of who you are." So, just how do you do that, become more of who you are?

1. Be More Of You

Sounds kind of weird, right? But it's wise advice. One of the worst things you can do as a remote worker or freelancer is to stay quiet and blend in to a crowded space. There's things about you that are totally unique; maybe you're amazingly detail oriented, maybe you have keen insights, maybe you're amazingly proficient and navigating systems, and maybe you're cutting edge and innovative. Knowing what your strengths are and ensuring you communicate them and around them through your actions, is one of the biggest ways to keep top of mind in a digital workplace.

After all, out of sight, out of mind. If you're just standing on your skillsets you're making yourself a commodity. Lots of people can use the same software, lots of people can run budgets or organize events, but it's how you do it that makes the difference.