Is Your Screen A Color Safe Environment?

Creating vivid artwork on your laptop is amazing, until the color is off in the print run or someone else’s monitor. Everyone has heard of the “too dark” screen during a pivotal episode of Game of Thrones, and most artists knew the cause. The problem is so common you probably automatically tweak your color schemes in the interface to try to step ahead of variable color rendering on most computer screens.

Innovation comes from meeting the demands of a collective struggle. In this case frustrated artists, cinematographers, photographers, interior and fashion designers, frankly and creative profession which deals in color: All visual arts and editing relies on color accuracy. GIGABYTE Notebooks took note of this common problem and partnered with the world leaders in color science, X-rite Pantone to give digital creators a color safe environment from the moment you first power up the laptop.

A Color Safe Environment

Creating a color safe environment meant having to understand the common problems faced by visual artists, designers and editors working on monitors. When X-Rite Pantone studied the issue of color accuracy on uncalibrated monitors they found that the in accuracy exceeded the Just Noticeable Difference by up to 35 times. A normal Just Noticable Difference is only 2DE, 35 times that is a massive swing of inaccuracy most often easily recognized in light color schemes (white, light pink, creams etc.). X-rite Pantone created a factory calibration process to address the need for better than normal Just Noticeable Difference on digital displays. GIGABYTE Notebooks is the only creative laptop maker to calibrate every single unit at the factory to ensure your ADOBE RBG values are aligned and matching for stunning outcomes.

A Color safe environment means when you start your AERO15 OLED laptop you can be assured that the colors in your project will match the intended color reference space. It’s that simple, no tweaking, no adjustments, just ensure the X-rite Pantone setting is enabled and you’re working in a color safe environment from the moment you power up your laptop. Color safe environments safe you stress, time, and reduce costly reprint work. GIGABYTE Notebooks is proud to give you more time to enjoy your passion by ensuring every single laptop is X-rite Pantone calibrate in the factory. No other creator laptop is calibrated to ensure color accuracy, so why did GIGABYTE Notebooks go the extra mile? We believe our creative and design professionals deserve the best performance right out of the box.

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