How To Juggle Multiple Projects Without Dropping The Ball

The life of a creative pro can be a frenetic mix of hurry up and wait, "Hey can you make ____ by tomorrow (or yesterday)" and/or "Oh it's just a little thing, you can add it in, you're so talented..." requests. Sure digital tools are getting faster, as far as rendering and creating are concerned, especially if you're using the latest hardware designed specifically to pull the heavy load of today's 3D modeling and video editing software, like the AERO15 OLED.

However, faster creation also means more on your plate, so how do you balance the ongoing projects, "just a quickie concept" and rush jobs getting tossed your way?

The team at GIGABYTE USA Notebooks reached out to some digital creative pros to find out what their secrets are to staying on top of the ever growing todo list and rush of last minute deadlines.

One professional 3D modeler in the aerospace industry uses Gantt Tables to keep track of progress on all of his projects. Gantt Tables are an easy way to manage multiple projects and tasks. You can use a simple Excel template to create your own.

On your AERO series laptop just open Excel and click New, in the template search bar type "Gantt Project Planner" and you can start setting up your project work flow in seconds.

The Gantt Project Planner was our favorite productivity suggestion out of all of the many we received. It's worth taking the time to plug in all the data, you never drop a ball. But, if you're like some creatives (cough...cough...this one) you probably resort to endless sticky notes on your monitor and desk, phone alarms and calendar alerts to stay on top of all those tasks on your to do list.

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