How to Choose The Best Gaming Laptop in 2019

GIGABYTE Notebooks knows the struggle is real when it comes to choosing the best gaming laptop in 2019. There's so many great options in the market and you can get power, performance and speed in a budget friendly laptop depending on your real needs. Now, we can go on and on about the really cool laptops created by our company, but what we really want to do is help you know how to choose the right kind of laptop so when you do buy a new laptop in 2019 you feel secure in how you spent your hard earned cash.

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Here's some exciting news: Depending on your software needs you might need a gaming laptop or you might need a laptop created for creative pros. What? How can this be true? Doesn't everyone know if you want power, speed and performance you MUST have a gaming laptop? Well, no - that used to be true but no longer - Creative professionals have very specific needs, in this article we're going to give you the info you need to make the right decision when investing in your next laptop whether you're a creative who casually games or a hard core gamer who sometimes edits video.

So do you need a gaming laptop if you're not a gamer?

If you're a creative using Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modeling programs like Blender or Zbrush or 3D Coat or do a lot of 4K, 6K or even 8k editing then you might think you need a gaming laptop to get the job done. While that used to be true, after all you needed the power of a CPU with a graphics card that could pull the heavy load and until GIGABYTE Notebooks pioneered the creative professional pc laptop featuring the extreme performance of Intel CPUs and Nvidia RTX Studio graphic cards, gaming laptops were your only real choice. Today the options are plenty and amazingly budget friendly compared to just five or six years ago and this new generation of laptops and gaming laptops come with so much more power and speed.

For gamers, you need super fast refresh rates, special cooling features so you don't over heat when you're in the middle of a raid and you definitely need options on your CPU like what if you want to overclock? Wait? You can overclock a laptop? Yes, yes you can when you get the right one.

Let's face it, there are so many options when choosing a computer it can be an overwhelming decision, that's why we're breaking things down into 3 use categories to help you make the right decision when investing in your new laptop regardless of budget, these are the key things you'll be looking for in a gaming laptop or creative professional laptop.

ALL GIGABYTE Notebooks use premium components to ensure smooth, power laden performance.


Creative professionals who need power, blazing fast speed and stability to render 4K (up to 8K) video, multi-task with graphic and animation heavy software developing games, environments and creating out of this world special effects, can't afford to compromise. So, if you're using Nuke, Zbrush, Adobe Premiere, and other heavy software features you need:

* Color Accurate Display - Coloring film, ensuring print and outstanding resolution to ensure all the final details are polished. It's why the AERO Series are calibrated for color accuracy whether you're looking for the outstanding display of a 4K OLED panel in the AERO15 Series calibrated especially for filmmakers with the X-rite Pantone certification or the Adobe RGB 100% calibration for designers and photographers on the UHD/FHD panels available in all AERO models, GIGABYTE Notebooks ensures that each unit is calibrated for color accuracy right out of the box.

* Lightening Fast CPU - If you're doing a lot of multi-tasking, keep a ton of tabs open and flip back and forth between programs while editing 4K or higher footage, while creating amazing special effects, or if you're using CAD programs to design complex 3D models for print, games or film - nothing will beat the Intel 9th Gen i9 Core. (Not sure what the CPU's really do?- read this article where we translate tech into real talk when it comes to CPUs)

*Portability - Ultra-Performance includes portability. After all if you're getting a laptop so you can create away from your desk, whether you're on location or just want to get out of the office, having a laptop that's sleek, light and powerful is essential. That's why the AERO series laptops are under 5lbs, less than 1 inch thick. There's no compromise in any of the AERO models when it comes to style. Check out Emmy Winner Mark Nazal's reaction to his first peek at the AERO17 UHD which he used to edit his independent micro short film - Enter The Shadowbane.

*Battery Life - Okay, let's face it, sometimes you have to work on a plane, on location or on the run. Oh those last minute edits, you know the drill. High powered computing means high battery use, AERO Series laptops give you all the power with amazing battery life. But let's face it, if you're running all the programs at the same time, you're going to use all the battery too. Check out this article on battery life.

* Blazing Fast GPU - Nvidia's RTX Studio graphics cards are insanely powerful. It used to be that GPUs would take up CPU use, but Nvidia has created a fantastic solution in the new RTX Studio series. Whether you work on visual effects or 3D modeling the speed, stability and render times using these cards are insane. No stutter, no chug, just performance. For ultra-performance you want to make sure you're using an Nvidia RTX Studio 2080 Max-Q (calibrated per unit on AERO Series laptops for peak 3D performance).

* Ports - ALL OF THEM. Seriously, the AERO Series comes with more ports to keep you connected to all the devices. Super easy to connect your drawing tablets, monitors, lightening cords, and even boasts an SSD slot. (Who loves you? Yeah, we do, we gave you all the ports for all the things.)

3x USB 3.1 Gen1 (Type-A) 1x Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 (USB Type-C) 1x HDMI 2.0 1x DP 1.4 & USB3.1 (USB Type-C)* 1x 3.5mm Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack 1x UHS-II SD Card Reader 1x DC-in Jack 1x RJ-45

Check out this teaser edited by AERO Brand Ambassador, Emmy Winning visual effects supervisor Mark Nazal, he used the AERO17 UHD to edit his experimental micro-short film "Enter The Shadowba featuring original music from Che

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