Getting Your 2020 Vision Off The Ground

Great ideas are a dime a dozen unless you turn the idea into a reality. Whether it's a game concept or a piece of art, a proposal or an online workshop, getting those great ideas to turn into a winning project can be a struggle.

Why not make 2020 the year of completing projects? Here's 5 steps to getting any project out of you head and into the world.

Step 1: Write it Down

Sounds like a no brainer, right? But the fact is so many people walk around with great ideas in their heads and never go further than having a great idea. Working with entrepreneurs and freelancers over the past 20 years, the one thing I make every one of them do first is get an old fashioned notebook and pencil/pen and get the idea onto the page.

Just jot down the idea in a sentence.

Something like - "My awesome idea is..."

Or "Game Idea - Working Title: "

Then start a brain dump.

That's right, dump the idea onto the page, make a list of everything you can think of when it comes to the concept, doodle, sketch, the idea is to get it out of your head and onto paper so you don't forget.

The time for organizing the idea on your laptop will come soon enough, but there's something almost magical in the process of writing or sketching things out on paper.

Step 2: Figure Out What You Need To Get Started

Don't leave the paper just yet, after getting the idea written down, start a new section in your notebook and list out all of the details you can about what you need to make your project happen.

  • Do you need equipment?

  • Do you need software? Do you need a website?

  • Do you need professionals involved?

  • Do you need to rent space or have transportation?

Once you make your list of what you need to get started, put a check mark on those items that you already have (it will make you feel so good, just do it.), and then look at what you need to get.

Don't worry if you need more resources than you have, the next step is making a list of everyone you know who might be able to help with the project. Maybe someone has access to equipment or has skills, tapping your network to get information can be a life saver.

Finally, what do you need to learn to make this happen? Do you need to take a class or workshop to improve your skills? Maybe you have all of the technical equipment and skills, but need to learn marketing or sales or need to hire someone to help with social media. Make your list.

Step 3: Create a Priority List To Get Started

One of the reasons ideas stay ideas, is because people get overwhelmed with the details of making things happen. The most productive creative visionaries have developed the skill of setting priorities so they get things done. It's the method to the madness. You know how they say "If you want something done ask a busy person?" That's because people who get things done have a way to make it happen, and the good ones make it look easy.

First things first: To get your idea moving forward what do you need to do first?

Do you need a business plan?

Do you need to write proposals?

Do you need concept art?

Do you need an outline of the work?

Do you need to speak with experts?

Do you need an audience built up?

Do you need a script written?

A lot of times people start with the business plan before getting the idea really solid, you probably can put that a little later in your time line if you need it. What' s the first thing you need to do? Give it a healthy deadline so you feel just enough urgency to work on it and not so much pressure that you get stuck.

Step 4: Move Everything Over To Your Laptop

Photo Credit - Devin Zuba

Now that you've got everything written out on paper, start mapping your workflow in the software of your choice. Whether you use a Gantt table or a productivity software like Evernote or Asana, you want to make sure you start giving your priorities the time the deserve.

If you prefer kicking it old school make a project proposal or outline on PowerPoint so you have cool visuals to help you walk through the map. Don't forget to set target date alarms in your favorite calendar app so you stay on track.

Moving things into software at this point will help you notice what really needs to be in the plan, what doesn't need to be in the plan, and you may find you need to add things or make different deadlines.

This step by step methodical approach will help you move forward with more ease.

Step 5: Take Action On Your First Priority

Mark Nazal with Christina holding the AERO 17 on set...the first action step to an amazing project.

Okay, again it may sound like a no brainer, but most people stop before they ever start. This isn't time to let limiting beliefs or negative self talk get in the way. Now's the time to take your first steps to making your vision a reality.

Whether it's doing those first sketches, getting your portfolio made, writing the script, outlining the book, or planning the website, this is a crucial moment. Remember the law of inertia, an object in motion stays in motion, so get moving!

In 2020 GIGABYTE Notebooks will be offering workshops in select locations to help you learn the latest techniques for making your dreams a reality. Stay tuned for more info!

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