Gamerscopes: 2020 Outlook for Gamers

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

The future is here, 2020 looms before us. How will your sign fair in the gaming world in the New Year? Read about how fate will treat your sign in 2020.

2020 was long talked about as heralding the new age. Will you get a handle on your game rage? Will you finally lead your team to heroic victories? Will you get that headset problem taken care of?

Here's what the stars have to say

about your gaming future in 2020.

Aries – Woah, watch the game rage. There’s some consequences to that… We get it, you’re the tank, but if you want to stay alive to fight another day remember you’re part of a team. Barrel down the battlefield at your peril rambunctious ram, 2020 is not the time to try to force the team to your will. Now’s the time to learn a little chill and take things a little more strategically, and definitely get a new mouse because slamming the other one on your desk is wearing it out. (Grab your mouse here)

Taurus – You enter the new year with some major gear upgrades it’s like you’re on infinite health and mana, or constantly getting power ups sent your way, oh and did we mention the snack tray stays full? Just watch eating cookies over your keyboard, the universe is on your side, but don’t push it that far. (Or if you can’t resist, grab a skin for the AORUS keyboard here.)

Gemini – Full speed ahead, kind of… First it’s a go, then it’s stealth mode, then it’s wait for someone to catch up, then it’s full speed of ahead for you in 2020. Watch the deals you make in trade chat or on discourse, not everyone gets you, your jokes or how to swing a trade. If you haven’t upgraded to a new CPU in a while, you’ll probably be in the market by March. If you’re looking for a cool new gaming laptop you can check out the AORUS models here.

Cancer – Yes, you are a support to the rest of the guild, you are beloved by all, and yet when was the last time someone let you lean on their shoulder? In 2020 you’re going to finally stop supporting everyone else and get some needed support from your teammates. Why not ask for some help getting better gear? If you’re leveling up fast and not taking what you need, you’re just not going to be able to make it. Ask your teammates to give back a little, you’ll find out who your friends are in and outside of the guild. It’s time to take care of you, your backpack straps are wearing thin, isn’t it time you refreshed your kit? Grab a great laptop backpack…it has pockets.

Leo – Well, of course the New Year rings in strong, you’re there, right? Yet just a week into 2020 a new kid is coming to town to threaten your dominance. Are you ready for this? Are you going to duke it out to see who’s the ultimate winner or will you make a new alliance. Look lion, you might do better making friends than foes in 2020, because the stars are not shining favor on anyone too “into themselves” check the ego and see what the real objective is here. Oh, you still get to look the coolest though, especially adding a new cap to show off your Aorus pride.

Virgo – Finally, all the planning, strategy and tidying has paid off. 2020 looks like a great year for you Virgo! You rock at Sims, let’s face it you prefer your fantasy on the realistic side and this year you’ll finally get that house built right (no matter how hard everyone else thinks it is) and because you do regular maintenance on your laptop you can afford to grab some really awesome headphones to listen to the tunes that help you destress after work. (Find those headphones here).

Libra – No, it’s not fair. It’s not fair at all. There we said it for you. Look, you can’t help that you’re trying to play games on a crappy connection and everyone else has speedy lines. You want to help everyone, but where are they when the raid starts? Right behind you drawing aggro and is one of them a healz? No. You know why Libra? You never asked. Just because you intuitively know what everyone else needs, doesn’t mean they know what you need. In 2020 you need to speak up for what you want or be frustrated with the lack of it. You can’t get the guild to chat on Discord when your phone keeps dying all the time, just grab the cool phone charger and be ready for the raid with reinforcements this time, k? (World of Warcraft Phone Charger is here!)

Scorpio – Feel that? Yeah, that. It’s called power, your enemies are totally hosed. Your stealth mode is on fleek, and your assassin skills on fire. No one can out shoot you, out sneak you, out stab you, and you are going to rule 2020. The only thing you need to look out for is accidently dumping your machine after jumping up in the thrill of victory. If you do accidently knock your gaming laptop onto the tile causing a fatal accident, you can grab an even better one right here.

Sagittarius – 2019 was a lot, you may still be recovering, or you might be wondering what happened to your lucky streak. Things are getting pretty serious for you, and nothing is really quite working to plan. Don’t worry Sag, this is a building year for you. It might not be your year for social gaming, unless you’re playing Minecraft LAN parties with your buddies, be patient (we know it’s hard) and work on getting your skills up for 2021, by mid-year things will settle down a little more and you’ll be off adventuring with a whole new crew. Just grab a neck pillow and chill out while you wait for the dust to settle. (Get your neck pillow here.)

Capricorn – 2020 is either the best of years or the worst of years for you. If you’re not going to listen to good strategy and continue with the my way or the hi-way attitude you’re in for some big losses. However, if by some miracle you’ve learned to accept wise counsel, then you might have an awesome year. You gotta remember that everyone knows something, and often knows something you don’t. Take advantage of those two holes on either side of your head (your ears) and listen before you command and you’ll have a great year. Also, this is a year for you to get the right equipment, don’t cheap out on yourself, just because you bought a top end machine 5 years ago, doesn’t mean it’s going to help you this year. Grab you new one here.

Aquarius – The first few days of 2020 trick you into thinking, “What’s the big deal?” but by the end of January, you’re off and running. This is crazy cool year for you Water bearer, just don’t bear water near your laptop okay? This is your year to stretch your limits and create stories that people will be telling for years to come. You can single handedly defeat the enemy forces, but why when you can have some help, make new allies and friends who will be there for years to come. It’s a great year, just one thing... you're running with a high charge so you might want a spare power cord.

Pisces – Daydreams and fantasies are great, but in 2020 you’re going to have a little help getting real. Whether you need to improve your skills or learn how to communicate with your team, remember not everyone is empathetic and no they don’t understand you, especially with that headset that doesn’t work. Just get a new one already for 2020, and then you’ll be part of the team for real. Grab your set here!

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