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Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Mark and Erica signing posters at Adobe Max at the GIGABYTE Notebooks booth

By day Mark Nazal works at CoSA VFX supervising and creating stunning visual effects on shows like Lucifer, Westworld, Gotham, and Pennyworth (just to name a few) and by night he could be running around the streets of LA with his cast and crew creating his own independent urban fantasy film. We caught up with Mark, the AERO Brand Ambassador to speak with him about making his passion project, Tales From Midnight: Enter The Shadowbane - an experimental micro-short film.

When making movie magic is your passion you find any way to make things happen which is exactly what Emmy Award winning visual effects artist and supervisor, Mark Nazal did in 2019.

Q: How did you guys get the idea for doing an experimental film on the Samsung Galaxy?

A: I had been curious about the idea of shooting on a cell phone for a while, especially now that the devices have advanced enough to where they can support the kind of cinematic quality I was after.

Secondly, I’ve always liked the idea of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with different devices. Plus there’s an appeal to surprising people about what they can truly do with an everyday device they already have in their pockets.

Q: Where’d you get the inspiration for Tales From Midnight and Enter The Shadowbane?

A: The Tales from Midnight was inspired by my multicultural upbringing which spans Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and North America and the different supernatural stories I encountered throughout my childhood in these vastly different places.

The inspiration for Enter the Shadowbane, on the other hand, is based on an amalgamation of both our life experiences. On one hand, it’s based on the wonder I felt during my early years here in America – arriving in a new city and being thrust into the unknown. Then Erica added her own twist to it by giving the character an undeniable female confidence despite her doubts.

Q: What was your favorite part of making Enter The Shadowbane?

A: The freedom of being able to create and write whatever came to mind without hesitation and being able to riff off each other’s creativity. Beyond Erica and myself, contributions to the story also came from suggestions by producing members of the team which include Joe Arciaga, Mary Grant, and Daivy Gozos.

The AERO17 HDR felt like editing ON a workstation! This device model emulates the experience of working with the full power of a workstation with the awesome portability of a sleek mobile package. ~ Mark AJ Nazal

Q: What was your biggest challenge of making Enter The Shadowbane?

(left to right) Mark, Joe Arciaga and Erica Juliet shooting at night

A: Making time for it despite our busy schedules. We shot Enter the Shadowbane on a weekend day and on random nights after studio work hours.

Q: Where’d you get the idea for the creepy shadow creatures?

A: Fear of the shadows is a universal theme. I also vaguely remember seeing one as a child. I had a very active imagination and it may have been purely subconscious. Haha!

Q: What was your biggest take away from the experience of making Enter the Shadowbane?

A: That there’s no excuse not to create content! If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Q: What was it like editing the micro-short film on the AERO17 HDR compared to using a workstation?

A: The AERO17 HDR felt like editing ON a workstation! This device model emulates the experience of working with the full power of a workstation with the awesome portability of a sleek mobile package.

Q: Are you going to make more Tales from Midnight?

A: Absolutely. That’s the idea!

Check out the micro-short Halloween Special

Enter The Shadowbane

Featuring Music by Chenza and R.a.G.E

It's always super fun speaking with Mark and crew about things that go bump in the night and making those real with cool movie magic. Next week we're looking behind the scenes of Enter the Shadowbane and speaking with lead actress and producer, Erica Juliet about her experience filming with Mark and crew.

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