Creatorscopes: What does 2020 look like for creative pros?

The year 2020 is at hand, what does fate hold in store for creative visionaries, artists and realizers of dreams? Find out your 2020 forecast below!

Here's what the stars have to say

about your creative flow in 2020.

Aries – Your creations are an extension of your inner being. You bring it all to the table, unless you're stuck in a cycle of creative angst. In 2020 it's going to take some effort to keep the flow moving, when it does you'll feel like a volcano is erupting. Those blocks holding you back are about to get blown away. If you're struggling to get your ideas out of your head and into completed concepts, having the right equipment is something you must have in 2020.

You will be super busy with projects as your career takes off, make sure you have a laptop that has all the power and travels light. (Check out the AERO 15 OLED here.)

Taurus – Mind blown! 2020 is your year to expand your horizons, whether you're upping your skill levels in a class, traveling to exotic locations or teaching what you know, 2020 is all about expansion. You might even find yourself upping your publishing game, you've got loads of support to find your success in 2020. Whatever happens in 2020, be wary of eating to manage your feelings, crackers over your keyboard don't make for good results. (grab a skin for the AORUS keyboard here.)

Gemini – It's a strange year for you, normally super social, you'll find yourself wanting to hang back out of the scene in 2020. It's a lot of stopping and starting, first it flows then you duck down. The best way to navigate 2020 is learning to meditate and take life mindfully. If you learn to calm your lightening fast mind this year you will be able to tap into the ether to make the most inspired creations of your life. Stay connected through VoIP, don't disappear completely. (Grab a great headset here)

Cancer – Just like the Bob Marley song, the stars are telling you "Don't worry about a thing...everything's gonna be alright." In fact 2020 can be more than alright, it can be the year you get supercharged and finally get the recognition you deserve. That is if you get your portfolio done and showcase your talent, do that and you'll find that people are more than willing to work with you and shower you with praise you deserve. You're going to be busy this year, make sure you have a bag that holds a bit of home away from home in it. Grab a great laptop backpack…it has pockets.

Leo – This may be the year in which you produce some of your finest work. It's as if the well is uncapped, creative flow manifesting your greatest visions. Your biggest hurdle maybe getting all those magnificent concepts completed. If you're able to approach this eruption of creative verve with step by step methods your magnum opus may be achieved. In order to keep up with the realization of your magnificent visions you need a computer with a graphics card that matches the intricacies and details of your vision. Be sure to check out the AERO 17 with Nvidia GeoForce RTX Studio cards.