Computers And The Women Who Use Them

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

March 8th, 2020 is International Women's Day and the team at GIGABYTE Notebooks USA is celebrating the women who use tech to inspire, enrich, craft and create amazing works of art, entertainment, and pathways forward for a richer and better world.

GIGABYTE Notebooks is the proud sponsor of two incredible women who serve as ambassadors for both of our high-performance laptop brands, and is technical sponsor and an executive producer of the film Carmina which is a paranormal thriller featuring a woman who is stuck in the middle of nowhere in an abusive relationship until she comes into her power. (And when we say power, it's not metaphorical...or is it?)Today we want to celebrate their strength, talents and dedication to their visions.

AERO Ambassador,writer, director and co-founder of VKTRY Productions, Sylvia Ray started her career with a strong vision of offering a new narrative and bringing fresh perspective through an independent lens. We celebrate Sylvia, her work and her active voice in promoting women and people of color in film.

AERO Ambassador, Sylvia Ray edits and color grades film on the AERO 15 OLED XA

AORUS Ambassador, Josephine McAdam is an actress and Twitch streamer. Lifelong PC Gamer, Josephine hosts engaging streams on her Twitch Channel throughout the week. Community driven, Josephine brings her fans together for "Tea Time" talking about life, entertainment and of course defeating virtual foes.

AORUS Ambassador, Josephine McAdam streams with the AORUS 15 XA

Carmina, the movie, is a paranormal thriller (now in post production) about a woman stuck in the middle of nowhere facing abuse until she finds her power. GIGABYTE Notebooks is proud to be an executive producer and technical sponsor of the film. It was an honor to witness lead actress, producer and writer, Erica Juliet give a deeply vulnerable and brave performance that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. You can read more about Carmina on the blog and see how the AERO 17 HDR is helping make this vision a reality.

Carmina Movie, Lead Actor, producer and writer, Erica Juliet

Once again, GIGABYTE Notebooks USA is proud to celebrate the women who use technology to create, entertain, inform, inspire and yes, game. We salute you!

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