Carmina: Blue Screen Pick Ups

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

When a team has spent a year on a project, it pretty much takes over their lives. GIGABYTE Notebooks was on set for the very final, absolutely last shoot ever for Carmina, the movie. In the past we've seen live on set filming, greenscreen and on the very last day every, blue screen pick ups.

The AERO 17 HDR ready with dailies to help with congruency on pick up day

Pick ups are little shots to ensure all the details are correct in the final cut of the film. There were stills, there was video and there was a wind machine. Attention to small seemingly inconsequential details is all part of making a film. If the light angle is just off, it will be noticed later, if the hair falls in a certain way it needs to keep moving that way, if the blood welled out on a t-shirt it needs to be in the same pattern, because it will ALL be noticed if it's a little off.

On this occasion there was an air of celebration, victory even. After all the project started as something fun to do in between real jobs, real life, just over a year after production began it really was coming to an end. Nothing bitter sweet about it, after all, once filming ends, post-production begins. The mood was light, everything went smooth, the set was filled with Erica's giddy laughter after her final take. Imagine having to wear the same bloodied white t-shirt and jeans for every single shoot for months? That's exactly what Erica Juliet, lead actress and producer of Carmina, had to do for take after take of intense paranormal thriller action.

"That's it? I'm done?" asks a joyful Erica Juliet.

Some of the details caught in the last shot involved an old rusty knife, fake blood, a sponge, a wind machine and director Mark AJ Nazal coaching Erica through odd poses. We'd say more but, no spoilers, right?

Director Mark AJ Nazal is hands on ready to make the wind effects

Once again, the team managed to tick through every item on the filming agenda and finish on time. Now the project is in post production ready for editing and visual special effects. So far, the dailies (unedited scenes) look great, but now the AERO 17 HDR gets to shine and help transform what's already oh, so good (we've seen the footage) into AH-MAY-ZING with supernatural movie magic.

And that's a wrap - Carmina is officially in Post Production

"It's unbelievably powerful, it's definitely a workstation replacement. Even under the heaviest lifting I haven't needed proxies, it hasn't so much as warmed up...and I put this laptop through it's paces." Director, Mark AJ Nazal

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