How to Choose The Best Laptop For Your Small Business

So, you've probably noticed store shelves are looking pretty bare right now, and it appears the supply chain is being effected. Here's the deal, you can still shop and conduct business online, albeit there may be delays in shipping. However, ensuring you have your tech in order maybe just as important as ensuring you have your basic needs covered. Whether you have a side hustle, work full time from home or run an online empire, having the right tools to get your digital offers created and out into the world is essential. Here's what you need to know in order to choose the right laptop for your online business needs.

Beyond the Budget

Okay, let's face everyone has a budget, BUT if you're going to subscribe to a LOT of software and SaaS platforms, you need the hardware to use them. Don't let some shop floor person at the local big box store try to fool you with the "Oh you're just online, well all you need is this..." They will show you a $200 laptop which indeed is great for reading blogs and checking email, but if you're building websites, working on Salesforce or Canva, doing a little Photoshop here and there, or editing videos for YouTube or Facebook guess what? That little websurfing laptop is going to chug chug chug...cough and die.

Before you invest money into your equipment it's important to know how you're using the equipment, especially when you're running a business on your own and not outsourcing a lot of your content creation yet.

If you're going DIY you need equipment that will be able to hold up over time and not take forever to finish up your projects. Let's say you create courses, if you're recording a 30 minute course on PowerPoint rendering it into a video can take up to an hour on a laptop not configured for creators. Business laptops are not designed for speed when it comes to making content. It's one of the reasons GIGAYBTE Notebooks invested time in research and development to create high-performance laptops which could squeeze into a small business budget and meet the needs of modern day business. We know you're not just checking email or surfing blogs as you work online! Let's face business has changed in the 21st century and you need a laptop able to help you keep up.

Time is Money

So often online business owners procrastinate on creating the content they sell or use to market their products because it can take so long to render video, get memes/graphics made and uploaded and it's time consuming. If you're not getting your content made, or working on your e-commerce site uploading photos or products, e-books and white papers, you're falling behind. But it can take so long when you're on the wrong laptop. So how do you choose the right one?


Having the right CPU and GPU is the key to getting the most speed and power out of your computer. Since time IS money, being able to keep your intense workflow, flowing is absolutely essential to success.

If you have a small business that works with the most common office software and online platforms, but don't do a ton of heavy lifting with CAD programs, 3D modeling, animation or special effects, you still need a decent CPU which is the 9th gen i7 core by Intel. Anything less and you're going to grow old waiting for files to upload, render and computing is frankly - painful. The i7 packs a punch and speeds up workflow making time consuming tasks like course creation, file uploads, data transfer a breeze.

When it comes to graphics, if you're not going whole hog on heavy lifting graphic software or 3D modeling than having a laptop equipped with Nvidia's GTX 1660ti is going to do you pretty good for quite a while. This card works great for people creating social media graphics and gifs, some YouTube videos or course creation. (For heavier workflow like 3D modeling, animation, texture graphics, or visual effects, AR/VR etc, then you'll want to go up to the RTX Studio cards.)

Which Model Is Best?

So now that you know an i7 with a GTX 1660ti works for you then next step is figuring out your display and port requirements. Choosing the right display is important, after all we stare at our screens all day and having the right screen for you needs is important. If you do highly visual work and present to clients or potential clients, the AERO 15 OLED can't be beat. CNET gave the AERO 15 OLED the editor's choice award over all other OLED panel laptops in the market. Not only is it the best when it comes to color accuracy, thanks to the Pantone X-rite certification, the AERO 15 OLED has more workspace due to the ultra-thin bezels (3mm), so you really get all 15" of workspace at your command. The stunning visuals can't be beat and make projects and presentations pop when it matters most. Right now the AERO 15 OLED SA is available on Amazon at a very special price - grab yours while supplies last.

The AERO 15 SA comes with 9 I/O ports, including a thunderbolt port and SD slot, giving you more connectivity than any other laptop on the market.

If you don't need a ton of ports for external drives or SD slots, and you also enjoy gaming, the AORUS 15 gives you a smooth, powerful option to portable computing. It works great for freelancers creating content, building websites, or who want a glare free screen, then you'll enjoy the 144Hz FHD screen on the AORUS 15

Both models above are super budget friendly, give you more power and speed than other laptops in their class due to the use of premium components, and offer light-weight, high-performance, with no overheating (due to the unique cooling system).

Again the global supply chain is under strain, we could cancel our promotions at this point, but GIGABYTE Notebooks wants to ensure you can get the best quality high-performance computers to meet your work and business needs (and lets face it we're all going to be gaming a little more working from home). Take advantage of our Spring Sale while supplies last, just click the banner below and save.

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