Are You A Procrasti-Gamer?

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked a lot about deadlines, because it’s the last quarter and if you’re a creative professional then you’re most likely slammed with finishing up the everlasting to do list. With all the stress and overwhelm, it’s sometimes necessary to do something completely unrelated to work to clear the mind fog. For some of us (looks around for the boss – phew he’s out of the office), procrasti-gaming is one way of relieving stress and regaining clarity.

What’s procrasti-gaming you ask? Gaming when you should be working of course! For freelancers, consultants, writers and artists, sometimes the need to let it rip on your hapless foes is a must for sanity saving.

Obviously if you’re a hardcore gamer, you make time to game because it’s what you do. You grab your Aorus 15, smash keys and take names. For the creative pro, many who are former hardcore gamers (yours truly included), procrasti-gaming is a more casual affair. It’s less about raging on the field and more about letting your mind focus on something other than the creative copy you’re writing for year end promotions or the latest banner ad you got handed last minute, or sitting and editing one more scene for that video you thought was done with post production.

Procrasti-gaming is something that doesn’t eat up your day or weekend, it might take up ten or fifteen minutes while you check in to an auction house, or do a couple of quests, or jump into a single pvp round, or maybe you’re just playing solitaire because that’s all you have the energy to do. If you’re an advanced procrasti-gamer, you might just let your Saturday slide by gaming and leave the chores till Sunday. That’s why the AERO series is such a great machine for creators, it’s designed for all the things you need to get your professional work complete from oh em gee fast render speeds to data transfer rates that beat anything else you’ve ever tried and yes, you can game on it with the latest AAA games too. The OLED display will have a slightly lower refresh rate, but seriously you’re procrasti-gaming and you make your bread and butter from creating incredible visual effects, videos, graphics and other creative content.

So as the end of year deadlines loom and the stress of the holidays begins to mount, don’t forget to load a couple of your favorite games for procrasti-gaming on your AERO series laptop and enjoy the moment. (Looks around for the boss again….) That’s what this content creator will be doing for sure!

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