AERO17 It's A Sleek Machine

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

AERO Ambassador Mark Nazal is documenting his journey with the AERO 17. When the GIGABYTE Notebook team approached Mark Nazal to become the AERO Ambassador, Mark insisted on being authentic in his approach to talking about the brand.

Mark is a hands on visual effects supervisor, he doesn't just direct traffic and manage the artists creating stunning effects for T.V. and film, Mark often rolls up his sleeves to help get projects completed to meet the demanding studio schedule. In other words, Mark knows his stuff and does it well. He was adamant about ensuring accuracy in his evaluation of the AERO17 Model we sent him - the AERO HDR YA-9US4750SQ UHD - and he's documenting putting it through it's paces.

We'll be sharing Mark's journey with the AERO17 here on the blog and on social media, so you can see what an Emmy Award winner has to say about what he calls "a sleek machine."

Here's Mark unboxing the AERO HDR YA-9US4750SQ HDR

It didn't take long for Mark to get into action with the AERO17... Here's his first thoughts as posted from Facebook...

You can follow Mark's journey here on the blog and on Facebook as he documents his use of the AERO17 UHD

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