AERO 17 HDR Making More Movie Magic

Making films and television in 2020 saw unique challenges, that didn't stop AERO Brand Ambassador Mark A.J. Nazal and his team from creating a pandemic inspired comedy short film. From the concept to the final post production, Mark and his crew followed extra strict protocol to ensure the safety of cast and crew. This where VFX (visual special effects) and CGI (computer generated graphics) have their moment.

After weeks of dealing with the early uncertainty of the pandemic in the Spring of 2020, Mark and his team decided to make a heartfelt short film about life in 2020. Wishful Thinking features Team Carmina actors, Erica Juliet, Khadija Maulana, and Dana De La Garza and hit the highlights of 2020, from impersonal virtual layoffs, T.P. shortages and yes, murder hornets.

The team chose to the do the film as a creative solution to combat the uncertainty of life in L.A. lockdown, wanting to enjoy creativity and their passion for filmmaking. The result is a fabulously funny short film that's making it through the rounds of international and U.S. film festivals.

Wishful Thinking was created on the AERO 17 HDR. Everything from the VFX on the cell phone screens to the creation of CGI murder hornet, to editing and color grading was done on the desktop replacement laptop. Mark reported that the laptop didn't slow down or get warm to the touch even for a second while making this innovative short film.

Stay tuned for the Wishful Thinking trailer (coming November 2020) and behind the scenes interviews from Mark and crew.

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