AERO 17 HDR: He named her Athena

Buying a new laptop can be a tough decision, it can take hours of research, reading reviews, going on to forums and asking around. That's exactly what AERO 17 HDR owner, Avery did for months.

"I checked reviews all over the place, and when the articles started coming out about the AERO 17 HDR, I just knew I needed that machine." Avery said.

Avery reached out to GIGABYTE Notebooks USA during the virtual meetup in April. An aspiring musician and artist, Avery had just received his new AERO 17 HDR in the mail. "It's almost too pretty to unbox." He said at the meetup. We asked him to share his opening experience with us.

Avery chose the AERO 17 HDR for a number of reasons. He was impressed with the 4K HDR display, especially since it's calibrated X-rite Pantone for color accuracy. Then of course, the new 10th Gen Intel CPU got his attention, the i7 is even faster and more powerful giving him all the processing speed he needs to multi-task. The cooling system was the deal maker though, like plenty of tech savvy creatives, Avery knows that the laptop needs to stay cool even when you're under pressure. With the all new WindForce cooling system, he felt secure in grabbing his AERO 17 HDR.

"She's so beautiful, I named her Athena." Avery wrote in to tell us. "She's fast, sleek, and the HDR panel is amazing." Avery plans on making music and graphics to share online. He promised to keep us in the loop with his progress.

Looking for a great work from home laptop? The AERO 17 HDR comes in a variety of specs. If you're looking for a high quality build designed to stay cool under pressure, then check out the AERO 17 HERE.

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