AdobeMax Roundup

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Imagine - Three days, 15,000 people, and full speed creative flow. The fire hydrant of creativity was going full blast at AdobeMax and the GIGABYTE Notebook team was on hand to help power up creative workflow with the AERO Series. Now, it's not enough for us to talk about ourselves, our goal was to show creative pros in action. Speaking of action - here's our round up of AdobeMax2019 highlights at the GIGABYTE Notebook Booth. Enjoy!

Special thanks to GIGABYTE AERO Brand Ambassador Mark AJ Nazal and his producer/lead actor Erica Juliet and GIGABYTE AERO Art Ambassador Anthony Jones for helping make the GIGABYTE AERO Booth a super fun creative space at AdobeMax2019!

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