7 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy Your Next Laptop

Let's face it, it can be nerve wracking trying to choose a new laptop. After all it's an investment, an important investment, you need this laptop to last for a while, it's a major tool in your production of products/services.

So, here's the deal, for most people the "specs" don't really mean much. A bunch of acronyms and number combos which might sound either confusing or cool depending on your perspective. So, let's just take a look at how to pair those up to how you use your laptop.

1. Size and Weight: For pros on the go and digital nomads, having a light, portable laptop is the whole point of getting a laptop. This is why GIGABYTE Notebooks worked to take out the bulk and built models that are ultra-light, ultra-thin and easy to carry.

2. Screen/Display: Depending on the work you do it might be REALLY important to have a 4K screen, for people who do game dev, 3D modeling, and film editing and presentations for clients, having the best possible screen resolution is a must. That's why we offer people both 4K AMOLED displays and UHD HDR - When visual display makes a difference this is super important.

3. Keyboard: Look, it matters if you write proposals, blogs, articles. Ensuring a keyboard that works for you is extremely important when choosing the tool you're going to be using for several years. Our AERO laptops are smooth and tactile to type on if you're a traditional typist or writer.

AORUS 15G is the world's first 15" laptop to boast the OMRON mechanical keyswitch. Tactile, smooth and with a satisfying click professionals don't need to compromise on style to get the high-performance they need to get the work done.

4. Choosing a CPU: Let's face it, all the numbers and tech talk is overwhelming. Here's the deal, you want a stable and powerful CPU so you have consistent performance and are able to multi-task. For most people who use a lot of cloud based software and Microsoft Office Products you're going to get the best results using an i7 core. Sure the sales guy will tell you to use a lower spec, but here's the deal, if they aren't keeping a lot tabs open on Chrome creating graphics on Canva.com, running multiple social media accounts, or doing what most solopreneurs are doing (be you coach, consultant, graphic designer, virtual assistant, etc) they're not really giving you great advice. The all new Intel 10th Gen i7 has up to 8 cores and is out of this world fast.

5. Choosing the GPU: GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, you might have heard these referenced to as a 'graphics card'. If you do any kind of video editing which render HD or 4K, then you probably need to lean in towards the Nvidia GeForce RTX Studio Cards. If you're doing simple YouTube videos and some photoshop, you can get away with the RTX 2060, if you're doing heavier editing, working with Unreal Engine, Nuke, 3D Coat or Maya, then you'll be happier with an RTX 2070 and the RTX 2070 Super Max Q.. (For real heavy lifting you'll want the RTX 2080 Max Q)

If the RTX Studio GPUs are outside of your budget and you're doing e-commerce and blogging with a bit of YouTube or streaming tossed in, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 ti will work just fine.

6. Connectivity: Let's face it, some laptops just don't have the port situation taken care of. If you want to work with dual monitors (or more), plug in external storage or other devices, have your mouse and your art tablet connected, then you need to be sure there's enough ports. GIGABYTE Notebooks created the AERO Series to have the most ports for all the devices, including bringing back the SD slot. We get it that sometimes you don't have time to upload it to the cloud and just want to pop that SD card into the slot and get to editing. Check out the AERO Series here.

7. Color Accuracy: If you do print work or work with visual displays, color accuracy is everything. Ensuring that your display is color accurate is essential. That's why GIGABYTE Notebooks certified the AERO Series with X-Rite Pantone so that you're color safe right out of the box.

Got questions about how to choose the right laptop for you? Ask in the comments below and we'll be glad to help!

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