5 More Learn From Home Free Software

Let's face it, you've probably streamed yourself silly at this point. Why not learn something new? In an effort to help stave off boredom, we've found some free creative software that can help you pass the time, learn new skills and keep boredom at bay.

1. Daz Studio

Free 3D art software to help turn works of art into high definition 3D art. They claim it's used by both beginners and pros a like.

2. GB Studio

Create your own retro style games with this free drop and drag software. If you like to play, why not learn to make the games you love.

3. Cryengine

Free 3D Game Engine. Learn how to make your own 3D games with this free software. The site has tutorials and a community from which to learn as you go.

4. Mixamo

Free character animation tool from Adobe. Learn animation and rigging and see what you can make.

5. NCine

Open source 2D game engine with community support and discord group. Get that imagination moving and go make something to play!

The lines between creators and gamers are pretty blurred, some of the most creative people game, and gamers are pretty creative people. Whether you're staying busy on your AORUS or your AERO series laptop, learning something new is a great way to keep boredom away during the new normal of staying at home.

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