5 Lifehacks To Make The Laptop Lifestyle A Dream

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Ah that #laptoplystle feeling, just you and your trusty machine on the go. Running your business while hitting the road, going out on location, or hitting the café scene has never been easier.

While it might be easier to be on the go and running things on your own, it also takes some serious planning to keep all the balls in the air.

Here's 5 Life Hacks To Turn Living the Laptop Lifestyle A Dream

1. Use Productivity Apps: When you can work whenever you want, wherever you want, you can lose track of time and days. Let's face it, time management is paramount in todays digital economy. You're wearing a lot of hats and running a lot of gigs. To make the most out of the same 24 hrs everyone else has you want to use productivity software that works on your notebook computer and your cellphone. Apps like Asana and Google calendar give you rich visuals with alarms, color coding and other productivity enhancing features. Use those...use them a lot.

2. Time Blocking: Marvin Towler, is a coach and consultant who works with business owners to stretch past their success set points, he highly recommends time blocking so you don't drown in your sea of to dos. Add your time blocks in 30 minute increments so that you're not diving into your messages and inbox all day. Set aside dedicated time to check email, messages and social media.

3. Have the right tech for your needs! Peter Frumenti, CEO and Founder of Salesteam6 has been living the laptop lifestyle for years. Peter's run his business from beaches on Bali to mountains in Chile, He cautions entrepreneurs and freelancers to ensure they have the right tech to meet their needs. "The right computer solution is so important. These days we do a lot of online conferencing, email and often have many tabs open you need the power to be able to switch between applications quickly, download large files and communicate in online video conferencing programs which requires fast and efficient computing power." Not sure what kind of laptop to get when you upgrade from your old laptop? Check out this article to help you know what works for you!

4. Don't work on big projects, sensitive documents or heavy lifting programs unplugged. Even with an amazing AERO 15 OLED which gives you unparalleled performance, you just don't want to edit your videos at the café unplugged. You're not going to get the performance you need, and no one needs their computer to run out of juice mid-edit. Always find somewhere to work with outlets, or have a charger in your car. One veteran digital nomad we spoke to, loves heading to the beach and keeps a full on power strip in her car to ensure she never has to stop the flow because of battery life.

5. Take Time To Network In Person: Let's face it, we're all digitized now, yet humans are designed to be social. Success is not a loners game, in order to make it in your chosen field you need to have a network of people with whom to collaborate. Get out to meet ups, networking events and social events, go to have fun, meet interesting people and be ready to collaborate. Pro Tip: Instead of handing out cards that are likely to be lost, just get connected on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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