3 Ways to Make Your Project "Pop"

You're sitting with a client for any creative project, it could be a website or short film concept, logo or package design. You have your client survey and start asking questions to get more clarity about what they want so you can make it. The client excited gushes about their amazing million dollar idea or award winning vision, you're riding a tsunami of enthusiasm. You get excited with them, start asking more questions, and then they blurt out, "Oh I don't know! Make it 'pop'."

"Pop, you say? I see." She sighs.

An experienced pro will have one of two reactions:

1. Facepalm

2. Smile and nod.

Let's face it, "Make it 'pop' " in literal terms means nothing, nada, zilch. Any creative professional knows the scenario well. While cringe worthy, when a client asks for "pop" what they're really saying is, "Make us stand out in a big crowd." and "We want to be noticed for all the right reasons." and "I really love my idea and I want everyone to love it, too." The thing is, "pop" is subjective, instead of struggling to find out what they mean by "pop" there's a few ways to get them to define their ideal scenario.

1. Ask the client to provide a few samples of other projects which they feel "pop." - These examples don't have to be from the same industry, they just have to have the feeling the client wants to achieve. Ask them to provide links to websites, photos or even their vision board. You'll get better insights into what they're trying to achieve.

2. Use color theory to your advantage, go back to basics and use values to your advantage.

By all means use their color choices, but if they went with a hyper analogous scheme, use values to help ensure depth in the use of texture, shadow, or highlighting. Give the client three versions to look at, one done exactly as described to you and two utilizing all the knowledge from all those art courses or tutorials you invested in. Correct color use is so important for creative professionals, that's why GIGABYTE Notebooks calibrates each and every AERO series unit with X-rite Pantone to be 100% ADOBE RGB.

3. Use the best materials or display to show the concept. - You can be the best designer, artist, photographer or web designer, but if you display your work on a cracked or worn out monitor, obviously you're not making anything "pop". Even if you're showing printed work or 3D real models, you want it to be as close to representing the finished project as possible, using inferior paper or materials isn't going to inspire confidence. Whether you choose the Ultra High Definition (UHD) anti-glare screens or the 4K OLED displays, the AERO series gives you stunning display that makes really great visuals "pop."

As a creative professional you work hard to create outstanding work, knowing how to translate "client speak" into successful projects is essential to success. How do you make projects "pop" for your clients? Tell us in the comments below!

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