3 Spooktacular Creative Ideas for Halloween 2020

As with all things 2020, this year things are just going to be a little bit different. Since Trick or Treating and parties aren't happening like normal, it's time to get innovative.

Here's three ways to make Halloween from Home a little more fun.

  1. Virtual Trick Or Treating: Line up family and friends on Zoom (or another conference app) and have the kids (or grown ups) share their dress up skills. Have some treats on hand for every call and fill up that treat bags

  2. Make Halloween messages to send via email. (Or write stories to post to social media). Adobe Spark is free to use and has templates to help you get started.

  3. Have a virtual party! You can meet up virtually with conferencing apps, watch a scary movie together or play some RPGs together,

And lest we forget, gamers can meet up on their favorite MMORPG and do some Halloween themed battlegrounds, raids and howl their victory cries!

Safer at home can still be social when you use your creativity and imaginations.

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