Need to Know Pros

Gigabyte Notebooks celebrates creative and gaming  pros through sponsorship and creative partnerships. Please take time to check out these leaders in their respective fields.  


AERO Brand Ambassador Mark A.J. Nazal 

GIGABYTE Notebooks is proud to partner Emmy Award winning visual effects supervisor and freelance director, Mark A.J. Nazal as the AERO Brand Ambassador. Mark's work in television and film has earned him accolades and recognition for excellence in digital creative work. Currently Mark is working with the AERO17 UHD high performance laptop.

Anthony Jones Portrait2SquareBW.jpg

AERO Art Ambassador

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones is a concept artist with a passion for teaching and instructing young artists wanting to break into film and video games. Founder of RobotPencil Designs, Anthony offers a wide array of tutorials, courses and mentorship opportunities for artists.  Anthony is currently using an AERO15 OLED to create amazing works of art.

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AERO Indie Film Ambassador

Sylvia Ray

Sylvia Ray is an award winning director, writer, and co-founder of VKTRY Creative Studios. She is best know for writing and directing the short film A Period Piece (2018) and directing Len(n)y (2018).