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Anthony Jones


Anthony Jones comes from small beginnings. Raised in a military family he traveled throughout the states and landed in Barstow California. There he learned how boredom and isolation would lead to greater ambitions and drive to do more. That’s when he decided to leave the small town and try his hand at something bigger.: Concept art for video games and movies.

Starting in 2007, Anthony landed his first real jobs working as a concept
artist and quickly up-leveled to bigger and better opportunities. Gaining in professional skills and determined ambition, Anthony Jones landed the opportunity to work on such projects like the
God of War franchise, Magic the Gathering, X-Men Days of Future Past and for
companies like Blizzard, Paramount, Insomniac Games and many more.


The very ambition that drove him to professional heights also led to mistakes and failures. These powerful experiences moved Anthony to be of service in the art and entertainment technology industry so as to teach younger artists how to do better than himself. Under his artist alias of 'RobotPencil' Anthony began to offer online tutorials, courses and mentorship in order to help as many artists as possible.  also lead to many mistakes and failures which

drove him to try to be more helpful for his industry and teach younger artists
to do better than himself. To this day training and mentoring young artists is still the very thing he loves to do the most. Anthony Jones keeps his skills sharp by doing freelance work for both large
and small companies creating concept art for everything from AAA titles to small indies.

One of his pastimes is programming video games and now offers training to others to help them create their own and launch indie games or find industry roles, no matter how humble their origins. 


GIGABYTE Notebooks USA is proud to sponsor Anthony Jones as our AERO Series Artist Ambassador. Be sure to register on the blog for the latest updates from Anthony as he creates cool projects using our AERO15 OLED laptop to power his creative imaginings to life.

You can find Anthony's work on his site Robotpencil.